[Samba] Samba 3.5.8 - windows XP workstations disapear from browselist

BartekR bojleros at gmail.com
Mon May 9 08:41:37 MDT 2011

W dniu 08.05.2011 21:48, Chris Smith pisze:
> On Sun, May 8, 2011 at 1:59 PM, BartekR<bojleros at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> So it is Windows XP workstations to blame or maybe there is another thing
>> that i should check ?
> I run several Samba installations with no such issues with XP. So
> unless your XP installs are tweaked in some weird fashion I wouldn't
> suspect off-hand that they are the problem. I find it strange that
> they are in the browse list for a while and then disappear.

No, this machines run Windows XP provided by their manufacturer (Dell, 
HP, Lenovo and others). They have automatic updates turned on.

> In your scenario these are the changes I would make:
> 1) running Samba as a DC, even though you aren't using it for
> centralized authentication (I suspect, but have no proof, that it's
> more likely to remain the LMB/DMB). You'll need to also add domain
> logons = yes to the settings in the previous post.


> 2) eliminating the added hosts and lmhosts entries since you state you
> have adequate DNS support and are running a WINS server as well (this
> will eliminate any possible conflicts in that area).

name resolve order = wins host bcast
As You wrote below. Am I correct ?

> 3) make sure that your DHCP server (you seem to have enough systems
> that manual configuration would be undesirable) provides the proper
> information for NetBIOS and WINS. And fix the name resolve order in
> smb.conf (you have a typo - hosts instead of host). For example:

testparm does not report this as error. Are You sure ?

> dhcpd.conf:
> ================================
> option netbios-name-servers;
> option netbios-node-type 2;
> option netbios-scope "";
> ================================
> In smb.conf:
> ================================
> name resolve order = wins host bcast
> ================================


> 4) double-check that all systems are registering themselves with the
> WINS server (peek at wins.dat).

Is it normal that workstation gets registered more than one time ?
Take a look:

# cat /var/lib/samba/wins.dat
"ROMEKH#00" 1305251800 44R
"ENELPC#20" 1304963990 66R
"JAREKK#00" 1305219664 24R
"DAREKP#00" 1305243373 64R
"BELPHEGOR#00" 1305210919 66R
"BOZENAM#00" 1305293717 24R
"HENRYKK#20" 1305292133 24R
"JACEKS#20" 1305217962 64R
"DRUK-KOLOR#00" 1305217858 44R
"ENELPC#1b" 1305210919 66R
"MIREKJ#20" 1305290607 24R
"BARTEKR#20" 1305251870 44R
"ENELPC#00" 1305251870 c4R
"ENELPC#1c" 1305210919 e4R
"ROMEKH#20" 1305251800 44R
"HENRYKK#00" 1305292134 24R
"JACEKS#00" 1305290475 64R
"BELPHEGOR#03" 1305210919 66R
"__MSBROWSE__#01" 1305051023 c4R
"JAREKK#20" 1305219664 24R
"BOZENAM#20" 1305293717 24R
"MIREKJ#00" 1305290608 24R
"DAREKP#20" 1305243373 64R
"BELPHEGOR#20" 1305210919 66R
"ENELPC#1e" 1305251870 e6R
"BARTEKR#00" 1305251870 44R
"ENELPC#03" 1304963990 66R

Thanks a lot Chris

Bartek R.

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