[Samba] Unreliable connection to Samba PDC - Connections get lost, Roaming Profiles do not sync, Files can't be written, etc..

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 14:26:35 MDT 2011

Is this with one Windows 7 X64 client or all of them?

Do XP machines have the same problem?

Do the disconnects occur after the machine has been in sleep mode?

On 03/30/2011 04:21 PM, Tom H. Lautenbacher wrote:
> Hello all!
> I am having severe problems with my Samba PDC.
> 1. My Roaming profile in 3 out of 10 times does not get synchronized 
> correctly with the server - without any obvious reason. This sometimes 
> destroys my profile by losing data and commonly from then on the 
> profile is never again synchronized correctly. A backup restore of the 
> computer is necessary.
> 2. When I edit a document (e.g. word .docx) which is located on a 
> samba-share, sometimes when I want to save it to a new (!) file name, 
> Word says that it can't save to the new file name "because the 
> document is in use by someone else". Word creates the new file name 
> anyway, but it remains 0kb. When I select "save" again and chose to 
> overwrite the new 0kb file, it does it without any problem.
> 3. Sometimes the connection to the PDC get's lost in the middle of a 
> day's session. Thus all my network drives get disconnected and I have 
> to reboot the client to get connected again. If in this time I had 
> Outlook 2007 opened (my outlook.pst lives on a network share, too), I 
> have to close Outlook and reboot to be able to edit anything in 
> Outlook again.
> What I have tried:
> 1. Changed TP-Cable between client and server
> 2. Changed Network Switch between client and server (and switched from 
> 100MBit to Gigabit)
> 3. Upgraded Samba to the (then) newest version, which was 1 year newer 
> than the previous one
> 4. Re-added the client to the domain
> Nothing helped... ;-(
> What is going on here?
> The client that connects to the PDC is Windows 7, 64bit
> ANY ideas, hints, approaches are HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!
> Tom

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