[Samba] Unreliable connection to Samba PDC - Connections get lost, Roaming Profiles do not sync, Files can't be written, etc..

Tom H. Lautenbacher mailinglists at tom.lautenbacher.biz
Wed Mar 30 14:21:13 MDT 2011

Hello all!

I am having severe problems with my Samba PDC.

1. My Roaming profile in 3 out of 10 times does not get synchronized 
correctly with the server - without any obvious reason. This sometimes 
destroys my profile by losing data and commonly from then on the profile 
is never again synchronized correctly. A backup restore of the computer 
is necessary.

2. When I edit a document (e.g. word .docx) which is located on a 
samba-share, sometimes when I want to save it to a new (!) file name, 
Word says that it can't save to the new file name "because the document 
is in use by someone else". Word creates the new file name anyway, but 
it remains 0kb. When I select "save" again and chose to overwrite the 
new 0kb file, it does it without any problem.

3. Sometimes the connection to the PDC get's lost in the middle of a 
day's session. Thus all my network drives get disconnected and I have to 
reboot the client to get connected again. If in this time I had Outlook 
2007 opened (my outlook.pst lives on a network share, too), I have to 
close Outlook and reboot to be able to edit anything in Outlook again.

What I have tried:
1. Changed TP-Cable between client and server
2. Changed Network Switch between client and server (and switched from 
100MBit to Gigabit)
3. Upgraded Samba to the (then) newest version, which was 1 year newer 
than the previous one
4. Re-added the client to the domain
Nothing helped... ;-(

What is going on here?
The client that connects to the PDC is Windows 7, 64bit

ANY ideas, hints, approaches are HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!


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