[Samba] compressed file VFS

Andreas Moroder andreas.moroder at sb-brixen.it
Wed Mar 30 07:41:16 MDT 2011


we have a clinical system that generate lot of files that once written 
are never changed. This file consume lot of disk and tape space*, so my 
idea was to compress this files. The problem is that it can happen, that 
the users have to open this files later.

Is there a VFS module for samba that show gzipped** read only files as 
if they were standard files ?


* Disks are cheap, but the are no more disk-slots in the server and the 
server has to be up 24*7 so we can not simply change the disks

** bzip2 would be preferable because of the better compression, but the 
orginal size is not stored in the header so I assume it can not be used 
for this purpose

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