[Samba] samba and fail2ban

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 29 03:29:34 MDT 2011

From: Hajo Locke <hajo.locke at gmx.de>

> > to stop bruteforce logins to samba i want to  create a fail2ban-rule which 
>blocks IPs with to many login-errors.
> >  unfortunately used logins and IPs in samba log are scattered to multiple 
>lines  so  i cant find a relation.
> > i use samba for wan and cant reduce to  internal IPs.
> > What ist best in my case to get better logs or stop  abusing?
> nobody has an idea? is there no possibility to get logs which  show which ip is 
>doing too much false logins?

Maybe have a script running in the background, parsing samba log file to create 
and alternative log file with all related info on the same line for fail2ban...?


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