[Samba] samba howto: sticky bit on directories

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Mon Mar 28 20:24:17 MDT 2011

Daniel MC<ller wrote:
> This is working with samba sernet newest release:
> This is setting the bit for the group even with msoffice-files correctly
>         directory mask=2770
>         force directory mode=2770
>         create mask = 2770
>         force create mode=2770
>         force security mode=2770
>         force directory security mode=2770
    Unfortunately, I don't think the 'local linux' version allows the
setUID functionality to work on directories.

	SetGID and allowing the propagation of the GID _does_ work.

I'd guess on the reasoning: on any linux I've run on, users can't give
away files to other users.   Allowing this 'bit' to work would effectively
do the same thing.

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