[Samba] samba winbind ignores local unix groups.

Werner Durgarten wernerdurgarten at gmx.de
Mon Mar 28 07:33:41 MDT 2011


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> Why does samba+winbind ignore the local unix groups ?
> I have joined my samba server to Windows AD.
> I have configured a share with the values:
> [public_share]
> #Perms are 777
> path                    = /home/pub_share
> comment                 = Public_Share
> writable                = yes
> create mask             = 775
> directory mask          = 775
> browsable               = yes
> valid users             = @adgroup
> If I use a group from Windows AD, there is no problem accessing the share,
> but we do not want to add / change groups in AD, we need to add users to
> our
> local /etc/groups as access to Windows AD is very limited and we would
> rather control things on the linux side, and use the single sign on from
> AD
> for the users.

i am not the best expert the mailing list has to offer, but i think when you are using ad and winbind you need group information locally and in ad + mapping between ad and local groups - otherwise you will step into various problems. alternatives are (1) switching off winbind (then samba falls back to local group information only) or (2) administer your local groups via ad rfc2307 schema extension + winbind + nsswitch.



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