[Samba] Winbindd where to use it ? in which environnement ?

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 14:34:28 MDT 2011

If you have domain with the following specs-  you do not need winbind
     - samba PDC
     - no samba member servers
     - samba BDC's optional
     - no trusted domains

You would need winbind in any of  following cases-
     -  you have a Samba PDC but you need to trust Windows domains
    -  you have a Samba server that is a member of a domain.

In the two cases above-  winbind allocates and manages  unix uid's and 
gid's for the accounts from windows domains.

You may also need winbind if you have a samba PDC but also samba member 
server(s)-  again, to allocate unix uid's and gid's for users from the 
domain  (this depends on if you have a command LDAP/NIS backend for unix 

On 03/25/2011 04:21 PM, David Touzeau wrote:
> Dear
> I need help about know what is the real necessary to use Winbindd
> daemon ?
> After reading many wikis it seems that you need to use Winbindd only
> when you need to connect samba to any "Microsoft Windows NT domains"
> such has NT4 PDC or Active Directory.
> Is it true that you "did not need" winbindd when you want Samba act has
> a Primary Domain Controller ?
> Best regards and thanks for your help.

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