[Samba] smbstatus smbd process not close

Didier Roques Didier.Roques at brive.unilim.fr
Fri Mar 25 08:06:33 MDT 2011

 i find some problem about informations given by the smbstatus command.
I use smbd 3.5.6 and smbstatus 3.5.6

When some user use one after each other the same workstation connected to
a domain defined into the samba server, i see with smbstatus the 3 user
connected using the same smbd process, windows station permit only one
user connected at the same time into the same workstation.
for example:

smbstatus -b
Samba version 3.5.6
PID     Username      Group         Machine
5683      user1       mygroup       pc1    (::ffff:
5683      user2       mygroup       pc1    (::ffff:
5683      user3       mygroup       pc1    (::ffff:

ps aux | grep 5683 returns

root      5683  0.0  0.4  44252  5080 ?        S    14:13   0:00
/usr/sbin/smbd -D

If i stop the workstation so the smbd process is closed and smbstatus
doesn't give the previous information.

so Is it normal that smbd process is always open for a workstation even if
no user is connected and is it normal that smbstatus give the name of 3
user connected to the same workstation ?

Thanks a lot in advance

PS: i've got other samba server with 3.0.20 version and i have not this

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