[Samba] Samba block my usbkey umount operation

Anthony Viallard avd at patatrac.info
Thu Mar 24 10:52:51 MDT 2011


I have an issue with samba (version 2.0.10) on my embedded platform.

I have:
  * created a hotplug script which mount usbkey;
  * a webui page to  share usbkey directories with samba and another 
page for ejecting (sync and umount) usbkey.

But, if i copy an file with samba to a share stored in my usbkey and do 
the eject function in my webui, the umount failed (device is busy). I 
must wait before the umount success. There a no dirty pages in my memory 
which must writeback to the usbkey, so, i think samba continues to 
handle the file copied and after XX seconds, release it ...

is there config variable(s) to correct this problem ?


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