[Samba] strange anomaly/bug with cupsaddsmb and 64bit drivers

Chris Smith smb_77 at chrissmith.org
Tue Mar 22 19:54:40 MDT 2011

This is probably a CUPS bug but maybe not, I'll mention it here just in case.

When using cupsaddsmb to install 64bit drivers the drivers must be in
the (maybe distro/configure dependent):
to be sure that's "x64" with a lower case "x". The cupsaddsmb app
ignores the drivers if the subdirectory is named with an uppercase "X"

Now if Samba's printers (/var/lib/samba/printers in my case) directory
already contains an X64 (uppercase X) directory cupsaddsmb will work
all the way up to the setdriver stage and then fail with:

A workaround is to delete the "X64" directory (unless it is being used
otherwise, then I presume that renaming it with a lower case "x" will
work) and cupsaddsmb will create an "x64" directory, and with a
lowercase "x" the setdriver stage completes with no issues.


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