[Samba] Upgrading system on file server

Bayardo Rivas - Open Soluciones bayardo.rivas at opensoluciones.com
Tue Mar 22 12:49:20 MDT 2011

>>> On 03/17/2011 01:45 PM, Bayardo Rivas - Open Soluciones wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I have an old version of Suse runing a Samba. I will upgrade this 
>>>> box from Suse 9.3 -> Suse 11.3. I know that there are a lot of risk 
>>>> but my top fear is about Samba. This is a production server and 
>>>> network users authenticate with this server. We do not have roaming 
>>>> profile, but I know that if I install from scratch I lose my 
>>>> domain, SID number changes and I have to reconfigure all the 
>>>> clients and this is not an option.
>>>> So, I will try  to upgrade the box with the installation disks, but 
>>>> if I get problems and I am forced to install from scratch, what do 
>>>> I have to do to keep my domain working and don't lose the conection 
>>>> between the domain and clients and keep it transparent for clients?/
>>>> Any suggestions are welcome.
>>>> Bayardo
Ok, finally on the weekend I upgraded the system without big issues. 
When the system was upgraded it was serving all services, including 
Samba and authentication.

First of all... everything was backed up... twice, diferent medias.

Two situations after upgrade:

1. Every user had to reset password in first login authentication to domain.

2. Once the password was reset, unexpected, the system notified users 
that password had expired. With the command

# pdbedit -P "maximum password age"

I saw that it had the  "180" value (seconds), so I had to change this 
policy with the command:

# pdbedit -P "maximum password age" -C -1

Wich means, never expire the password. I need this policy this way.

Well.. good luck to any body who need to work with this.

Thank you for your advices.


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