[Samba] upgrade samba 3.0.24 to 3.2.5 schema question

guido at lorenzutti.com.ar guido at lorenzutti.com.ar
Mon Mar 21 21:07:33 MDT 2011

Hi there.

I have a few dozens domain controllers in samba 3.0.24 and Im in the
middle of the process of migrating them to 3.2.5. But know I realize that
they are a few problems with the password policys.

With the 3.0.24 I can force a user to change the password on the next
login and I check this with the following command:

workingsamba3.0.24:~# pdbedit -Lv testuser | grep must
Password must change: Sat, 04 Jun 2011 17:16:15 ART

But when I do the same thing on the new samba...

newsamba3.2.5:~# pdbedit -Lv testuser | grep must
Password must change: never

Is this schema related? My passdb backend is one different ldap replica
for every domain controller. But they are in sync.

I see that there is a new schema in 3.2.5 but I don't see any changes in
the sambaPwdMustChange atributte.

Is there any procedure to migrate an entire ldap tree to the new schema?
Can I use the new schema of the 3.2.5 on the 3.0.24 version?

Tnxs in advance.

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