[Samba] cant use Samba window sprinter drivers on Windows XP32

Thomas Stegbauer mailingliste1 at stegbauer.info
Mon Mar 21 14:36:58 MDT 2011

hi everybody,

after some trouble i an know able to upload and set printerdrivers via 
cupsaddsmb and windows apw.

but there are two errors.

- i cant use the driver on a windows xp 32, if does not get installed as 
root previously.

- i have a Oki Execution series 7411 and used the PS Driver.
when printing to that printer i get in smb.log
Unable to print file to es7411 - client-error-not-authorized

in cups error.log i get
[21/Mar/2011:10:43:19 +0100] Returning IPP client-error-not-authorized 
for Print-Job (ipp://localhost/printers/es7411) from localhost

but i can print (if connected as root) to other printers on the same 

where could be the error?

best regards

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