[Samba] Printer drivers installation: files are not deleted

Thomas Stegbauer mailingliste1 at stegbauer.info
Mon Mar 21 09:55:46 MDT 2011

Am 20.03.2011 22:34, schrieb Thomas Stegbauer:
> Am 17.03.2011 11:19, schrieb Laurent Blume:
>> Le 15.03.2011 13:09, Thomas Stegbauer a écrit :
>>> i cant imagin, where this permission is set.
>>> 1. i apply the driver via apw from windows xp32 as root
>>> 2. net rpc rights list root
>>> Enter root's password:
>>> SePrintOperatorPrivilege
>>> 3. i can was able to upload the driver for
>>> "HP Color LaserJet PS"
>>> but i cant upload
>>> Kyocera 5350 UPD or KX driver
>>> also not
>>> OK ES7411 PS (v1.0.0)
>> You need to check there is nothing wrong on the print share, like 
>> subdirectories with the wrong permissions or something like that. 
>> Remember you need both the rights to manipulate printers and to write 
>> files in the right place.
>> Laurent
> hi laurent,
> now i tried now cupsaddsmb.
> it can upload the driver well, there is printer3.ppd (how the printer 
> is named). There is also a printer3 in windows under drivers listed.
> but the driver is not set for the printer3.
> so what is failing, is the following command:
> rpcclient pa-server1 -U net\\root -c 'setdriver drucker3 drucker3' 
> 1>/tmp/rpcsetdriver.txt
> also
> net rpc -S pa-server1 rights list privileges SePrintOperatorPrivilege
> gives me the information
> NET\root is has the SePrintOperatorPrivilege
> also i removed the "printer admin" parameter from smb.conf and left 
> only enable privileges=yes over.
> but know change :(
> best regards
> thomas

hi laurent,

i found the error.

with all the tests there was set:
use client driver = yes :(

now i can upload drivers and register drivers by apw and cupsaddsmb

best regards thank you very for your assistance

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