[Samba] Samba4 - WinXP rpc server unavailable

Zoltan Kiss zoltan.kiss at serverside.hu
Mon Mar 21 04:18:38 MDT 2011

2011.03.21. 11:07 keltezéssel, Zoltan Kiss írta:
> Hi,
> I have a test environment with Samba4 on Ubuntu 11.04 (alpha15 
> package), and a little problem around the joining to the domain from 
> my WinXP SP3 machine.
> I followed the official Samba4 Howto, then my configuration steps was 
> these:
>  - Install smb4 from ubuntu package
>  - setup provisioning, created a testdom.mycorp.local
>  - setup bind9 with gssapi (everything working fine)
>  - test authentication with kinit and klist
>  - test cldap server with phpmyadmin (worked fine)
> Then if i try to join from a Windows XP SP3 machine i got 'RPC server 
> unavailable' error message. If i try with wrong user/pass then the 
> correct error message appears - 'incorrect user etc.etc.'.
> I have already disabled the Windows firewall, the Ubuntu box firewall 
> and the Apparmor in Ubuntu, so i don't have any security app that 
> prevents any communication (i think).
> Samba log files are not showing any errors or warnings on 'log level = 
> 5', but it's not working.
> Thanks for any help!
> Regards,
> Zoltan Kiss
I was dumb :)
We trying to enter the whole realm to the 'domain' section in WinXP, not 
just the domain name.

Sorry, and thank you!

Zoltan Kiss

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