[Samba] ldap idmap backend

Frank Mori Hess frank.hess at nist.gov
Thu Mar 17 08:29:55 MDT 2011

On Thursday, March 17, 2011, Vladimir Vassiliev wrote:
> 17.03.2011 16:27, Frank Mori Hess пишет:
> > 
> > I had that problem.  In my case, doing an "ldapsearch -x
> > sambaSID=<SID>-513" found two idmap entries (in different ou).  After
> > I deleted one of them with ldapdelete, it stopped having that error
> > and stopped trying to create new entries.
> Were these mappings identical or not?

No, one was in  "dc=blah,..."  and the other was in "ou=Idmap,dc=blah,...".  
Also, they mapped to different gid numbers.  They just had the same sambaSID.  
I think the second one got allocated accidentally when I was playing around 
with ldap suffixes in smb.conf.  They corresponded to domain group 

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