[Samba] wbinfo --> Could not remove gid to sid mapping

markus hansen hansenmarkus at gmx.de
Tue Mar 15 03:38:39 MDT 2011


thanks for your reply.

> > wbinfo --set-gid-mapping=<guid of interest>,<correct sid>
> > returns: "<guid of interest>"
> > 
> > 
> > any chance to fix this?
> Maybe, using the net command.  I believe you would be able to use `net
> groupmap` to modify the relation, and there are other net commands that
> can probably put this straight.  If I ever finish wrapping my head
> around the net command, I will tell you more ;)

I tried the "net groupmap" command, but it doesnt touch this mapping. Using the "net groupmap delete" command only seems to affect the output "net groupmap list" is listing. 

I can have the correct maping in "net groupmap list" - but wbinfo still returns the wrong mapping, and the mapping wbinfo returns seems to be the one samba actualle uses ...

best regards

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