[Samba] Upgraded to 3.5.8 local users unable to log in AD users can

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Tue Mar 15 00:57:08 MDT 2011

You system was trying to authenticate with winbind!?
Did Winbind run is your smb.conf configuration to interact with winbind?

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Hi all,

Upgraded Samba on RHEL5 from 3.0.33 to 3.5.8 from an rpm. Have an issue
where AD
users can connect to the linux box but local unix accounts cannot.

We are using PAM not kerberos.

After much looking and trail and error. I commented out this line in the
/etc/pam.d/system-auth file and it works. Why???

account     required      pam_unix.so broken_shadow
account     sufficient    pam_succeed_if.so uid < 500 quiet
#account     [default=bad success=ok user_unknown=ignore] pam_winbind.so
account     required      pam_permit.so

I'm not really ofay with how the whole authentication works.


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