[Samba] vfs_gpfs module errors

Bob Cregan bob.cregan at bristol.ac.uk
Mon Mar 14 07:48:25 MDT 2011

         I'm encountering an error with some of my Windows clients when 
using CTDB and samba to access a GPFS hosted share. We see the following 
error all the time.

[2011/03/14 12:31:16.549084,  1] modules/vfs_gpfs.c:1099(vfs_gpfs_ntimes)
   vfs_gpfs_ntimes: set GPFS ntimes failed -1

The copy continues but is slow. All the timestamps seem reasonable for 
the data copied.

The GPFS version is 3.3.0-9 and samba is 3.5.6 compiled from source with 
config line.

$ ./configure --with-ctdb=/usr/local/src/ctdb --with-cluster-support 
--enable-pie=no --with-quotas --with-ads 

The gpfs module exists:

  ls -l /usr/local/samba-3.5.6/lib/vfs/gpfs.so
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 58312 Jan 31 17:22 

The global section has

  private dir = /RDSF_REPL/gpfs_admin/cifs_state/
         clustering = yes
         idmap backend = tdb2
         fileid:mapping = fsname
         vfs objects = gpfs fileid
         gpfs:sharemodes = No
         force unknown acl user = yes
         nfs4: mode = special
         nfs4: chown = yes
         nfs4: acedup = merge

I have tried the setup with the following in the shares, and also with 
it absent. It seems to make no difference.

  vfs objects = gpfs fileid

Has anyone come across this. I only see it for some clients. I have no 
direct control or access to the clients and so debug infor from them is 
a little difficult.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Bob Cregan
Senior Storage Systems Administrator
Bristol University
Tel:     +44 (0) 117 331 4421
Mobile: +44 (0) 7712388129

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