[Samba] Working simultaneously with the same user account

Aniruddha mailingdotlist at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 04:47:22 MDT 2011

On 01-03-11 16:06, Chris Weiss wrote:
> having separate usernames and password per share is never simple, SMB
> wasn't designed to work like that.
> the simple way is to make user groups for shares and add the users
> accounts to the groups they need access to.  This is far simpler as
> when you need to take a users rights away from a share due to job
> position changes you just remove them from the group instead of making
> everyone else remember a new password.

Thanks all for the help. I've setup a simple single share with one user, 
which works fine.  I'll try a more complex configuration using groups 
and multiple users/shares  next. From what I've seen this should work 
without any problems.

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