[Samba] Setting up samba server

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Mon Mar 14 01:42:37 MDT 2011

Do not do that on a member server: wins support = Yes.
It means the member server acts as an wins. Better do: wins server=
Did you join your member server?
Better let your file-server be the bdc of your samba PDC. (Ldap master-slave
or Ldap master master).
What prompts getent passwd and getent group. It should be the same result as
if on your pdc.
If you do not want to use ldap/ldap-client  you should run winbind.

Good Luck

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I'm currently working with  my new  samba
 server [samba2.domain.com] which I will use for file sharing and I have
 an existing samba/ldap [smb/ldap.domain.com] as domain controller which
 I will use for authentication. 

below is my smb2.domain.com smb.conf


        workgroup = domain.com

        server string = Linux File Server

        security = SERVER

        password server = [smb/ldap.domain.com password]

        username map = [smb/ldap.domain.com ip address]

        preferred master = No

        local master = No

        domain master = No

        wins support = Yes

        hosts allow = 192.168.1. 


        comment = Tmp Iso Image Area

        path = /tmp/isos

        guest ok = Yes


        comment = Linux File Server

        path = /home/docs-2011

        valid users = @domain.com

        read only = No

my problem is it keeps on authenticating me and i think i doesn't recognize
my smb/ldap.domain.com server.

my smb/ldap.domain.com server is working. I can ping, do the ssh on my
smb/ldap.domain.com server from my new samba server. 

Is there a missing config? :-(

Best Regards, 

Leah Grace Manuel

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