[Samba] Printer drivers installation: files are not deleted

Thomas Stegbauer mailingliste1 at stegbauer.info
Sun Mar 13 15:37:23 MDT 2011

Hallo Laurent,

i have a similar problem, here.
When trying to add a new printer via apw from a winXP32, the driver 
files get copied over to print$ on the ubuntu 10.04 Server (Samba 3.4.7) 
afterwards it says "Permission denied" And the driver get not registered.

Where do you geht the filenames, the drivers needs?
as i cant use rpcclient to register the drivers from commandline.

best regards

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Am 10.02.2011 15:37, schrieb Laurent Blume:
> Hello all,
> I'm running Samba 3.5.5 on Debian 5, and following the documentation 
> as closely as I can to install drivers using rpcclient.
> I first install the driver on a Windows 7 x65 workstation, then use 
> rpcclient/smbclient to fetch the files.
> I then use smbclient to put those on the print$ share of the Samba 
> server. So far, so good.
> Then I use rpcclient to add those files, and that appears to work:
> rpcclient -U DOMAIN\\LOGIN%PASSWD -c "adddriver \"Windows x64\" \"HP 
> Universal Printing PS 
> (v5.1):PSCRIPT5.dll:hpcu104s.ppd:hpmdp104.dll:PSCRIPT.HLP:NULL:RAW:hpcdmc64.dll,hpbcfgre.dll,hpcpu104.CFG,hpcui104.dll,hpcpe104.dll,hpcur104.dll,hpcpn104.dll,hpcsr104.dll,hpcst104.dll,hpcev104.dll,hpcu104s.hpx,hpcsc104.dtd,hpchl104.cab,hpzfn104.ntf,hpcu104.dem,hpmux104.dll,hpmur104.dll,hpmpm081.dll,hpmpw081.dll,hpmsn104.dll,hpmsl104.dll,hpcsat20.dll,hpcu104v.ini,hpcu104s.xml,hpcls104.dll,hpcss104.dll,FxCompChannel_x64.dll,cioum.dll,cioum64.msi,hpcpn104.dll,ps5ui.dll,pscript.ntf,ps_schm.gdl,hppdcompio.dll,hpcc6104.dll,HPDRVJCT.dll,hpfxcomw.dll,hpsysobj.dll\"" 
> Printer Driver HP Universal Printing PS (v5.1) successfully installed.
> But actually, things are going wrong: it does create the 3/ 
> subdirectory, it does populate it with the files in print$/x64, but 
> those files are kept there, not deleted as they should.
> If I then try to delete it, there's something similar:
> rpcclient $> deldriverex "HP Universal Printing PS (v5.1)"
> Driver HP Universal Printing PS (v5.1) and files removed for arch 
> [Windows x64] (version: 3).
> But none of the files are really removed, they're still all there.
> And so far, no error message that I can see.
> Can anybody shed some light? TIA!
> Laurent

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