[Samba] Sloe reponse using net use command

M RIDDINGTON mark.riddington6 at btinternet.com
Fri Mar 11 13:21:42 MST 2011

We are using
Fedora: 14
Samba: 3.5.6-71.fc14
To connect our Windows XP workstations to the Linux box and Samba shares, we use
net use ....
run three times to connect to the three shares on the Linux box.
This works but there is a considerable delay when the net use command executes. 
Eventuatually (after about 5 seconds) we get the response "the command completed 
successfully" after which we can see the shares in Windows Explorer and happily 
read and write to them.
We are concerned that:
1. there is a 5 second delay which we do not get on a similar set up using 
Fedora 7 with Samba on another Linux box. The two Linux boxes have identical smb 
config files;
2. there may be something more sinister going on which will give trouble in the 
Has anyone experienced this problem and been able to solve it.

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