[Samba] Default Keyboard Layout changed to english.

Geoff Winkless samba at geoff.dj
Thu Mar 10 04:59:10 MST 2011

On 10 March 2011 11:45:17 UTC, Kalev Riivik <kalevr at iisaku.edu.ee> wrote:
> Hi,
> second week and still not a single response.... I would really appriciate
> it, if someone would actually answer (even to ask for more info or suggest
> something at least).

My guess is that you are doing something of which no-one on the list
has any experience.

Incidentally the way you posted implied that you felt you were
entitled to a response, which is (in my experience) liable to make
people (who are giving their free time, remember) less likely to help.
This is a community project, a community list. If you want to pay for
support then there are companies out there who will help you with that
and to whom you can then go and demand a response to your problem.

For what it's worth, I've no experience with roaming profiles but if
every time they log out the settings get reset it sounds as though you
have a permissions problem (ie they can't write the settings back).


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