[Samba] named issue (Samba4, FC14)

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Wed Mar 9 05:44:10 MST 2011

Did you try to run bind without the s4 adjustments ?!

look if your user rights are appropriate for the dns files.
these will stop your named server aswell.

what did you do with selinux ?!

also try setting your debug level up, for named/bind.
there might be some good info on where things go wrong.

i had a big hassle with FC14 and dns as well.
but i got it running after a few day's

it was all in the debug log's .....

good luck.

On 5-3-2011 22:14, Pascal Jakobi wrote:
> Hi gents !
> I am trying to set-up an S4 server following the wiki instructions on 
> Fedora 14.
> Everything seems fine until step 10 : kerberos DNS dynamic updates 
> configuration.
> I seem to have done what is required (set $KEYTAB_FILE & KRB5_KTNAME 
> in /etc/init.d/named, add the tss-gssapi-credential & tss-domain 
> stanzas), however wher starting the named service, it remains stalled....
> I am sure this is a well-known issue, however can't find any solution 
> via Google. Can someone give a hint ?
> Thxs in advance
> P

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