[Samba] Fw: Needs advice on using Samba on Windows 2008

Jack Bush netbeansfan at yahoo.com.au
Mon Mar 7 21:48:43 MST 2011

Hi Samba Community,

Could someone help me with setup Samba on Solaris 10 so that they could be 
mapped on Windows 2008? Please refer to the detail from the initial threat in 
this email.

Much Appreciated!



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Subject: Needs advice on using Samba on Windows 2008

Hi All,
I would like to find out whether there are any special steps required when 
mapping shared Samba drive on Windows 2008 R2 servers. It appears that 
additional setup is required on Windows 2008 since earlier version of Windows 
did not encounter any difficulty at all. On the other hand, the success rate on 
Windows 2008 R2 have been limited yet I am puzzled why some work while others 
don't. Some can see the server while others don't.
The Samba servers (
I also value input on which is the latest working version Samba that runs on 
Solaris 10 and where to find them?
Many Thanks,
Jack3.0.37) run on Sparc SunFire Solaris 10. 


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