[Samba] Mandatory User Profile

Deyan Stoykov dstoykov at uni-ruse.bg
Mon Mar 7 09:36:24 MST 2011

On 06.03.2011 12:16, ulrich.schinz at ksfh.de wrote:
> Hi,
> first of all: my name is uli... i'm from bavaria/germany and i'm working
> with linux quite a long time (maybe 10 years).
> Now my "problem":
> my samba is setup with ldap-backend. my configuration with mandatory
> profiles is working quite good. i created a Default User - Profile in my
> netlogon-share (migrated from a windows-xp client). ntuser.dat has been
> renamed to ntuser.man. my windows client is configured to delete cached
> profiles on logoff. this is working perfect.
> but the problem is, that my keyborad layout is american and not german at
> first logon. next logons the keyboard-layout is germen. but i think the
> reason for that is, that the server-side profile creates a ntuser.dat AND
> the ntuser.man (ntuser.dat does not exist in Default User profile).
> renaming the ntuser.man in Default User profile to ntuser.dat makes the
> german keyboard-layout available at first logon.
> but i wanna have the mandatory profiles not editable. users should not be
> able to save things or change things in the profile.
> do you have an idea, how to make my mandatory profile "readonly" AND have
> a german keyboard-layout.
> another thing id like to have: is it possible to remove the serverside
> profile at logoff. if i logon there is the Default User profile copied to
> my profiles-share. we have a lot of students and it would be a waste of
> disc-space to create the same copy of the Default User  profile many
> thousend times...

To solve both problems, you need to do this:

1. Create a local user tmpusr.
2. Login, set everything as you like, incl. keyboard layout, logoff
3. Copy C:\Documents and Settings\tmpusr\* (except the Local Settings 
folder) to \\klamm\profiles\manprof
4. Rename ntuser.dat to ntuser.man
5. logon path = \\%L\profiles\manprof

Remove everything else from \\klamm\profiles\ - you don't need it anymore.


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