[Samba] named issue (Samba4, FC14)

Pascal Jakobi pjakobi at yahoo.fr
Sat Mar 5 14:14:40 MST 2011

Hi gents !

I am trying to set-up an S4 server following the wiki instructions on 
Fedora 14.
Everything seems fine until step 10 : kerberos DNS dynamic updates 

I seem to have done what is required (set $KEYTAB_FILE & KRB5_KTNAME in 
/etc/init.d/named, add the tss-gssapi-credential & tss-domain stanzas), 
however wher starting the named service, it remains stalled....

I am sure this is a well-known issue, however can't find any solution 
via Google. Can someone give a hint ?

Thxs in advance

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