[Samba] Speed problem Ubuntu < WD TV Live

Sergio Ruiz sergioruizperez at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 23:28:52 MST 2011

> I have experiencing some speed issues recently when moving files using
> Samba between a linux box (Kubuntu 10.10) and a media player called WD
> TV Live.

Hi again,

I'm not sure if my messages get through, as I don't receive a copy...
a confirmation would be much appreciated.

I have some additional information on the speed problem...

Now I'm using a completely different card, the one integrated in the
motherboard: nVidia Corporation MCP55 Ethernet. Speed a bit higher,
but still slow (around 1.4 Mb/s).

Something really weird I have found... if I send two files at the same
time, I get double speed, triple if the number of files is three. So
it doesn't seem like an overall bottleneck, but more at a file level.

Another piece of information... I managed to boot the computer with a
different linux distro (Slax) and I have the same speed problem, so it
might not be a distro-related problem.

I'm not sure if posting logs would help...

Thanks for your help! I would loose hair with this issue if I wouldn't
be bald already...

Sergio Ruiz
+41 76 759 9267 - Suisse

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