[Samba] Debian Lenny 5.04 and DMS in Windows 2000 Native Domain +Forest with Samba 3.2.5

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Thu Mar 3 13:33:28 MST 2011

> Hello All,
> I have been struggling with this for a long, long time.  I came here
> looking for answers.  So, I have a VM running Debian Lenny.  I install
> the apt package samba, which installs 3.2.5.  I work in a large
> university with an extensive Active Directory environment, both forest
> and domain running in Win2k native mode.  There is a NetApp filer 
> which
> houses all our admin files, scripts, and installers.  Nothing really
> special.  The computer, FILESERVER, is in the child domain of the
> forest, whose root domain is DOMAIN.FOREST.UNIVERSITY.TLD.  The root 
> domain is FOREST.UNIVERSITY.TLD.  Now, can I mount this without 
> joining the domain?  I have tried reading the documentation, and I 
> think this is

It's quite unclear what you are trying to accomplish. What are your 
goals/purposes with this VM?
> telling me no.
>> Use of raw SMB over TCP/IP (No NetBIOS layer) can be done only with 
>> Active Directory domains. Samba is not an Active Directory domain 
>> controller: ergo, it is not possible to run Samba as a domain 
>> controller and at the same time not use NetBIOS. Where Samba is used 
>> as an Active Directory domain member server (DMS) it is possible to 
>> configure Samba to not use NetBIOS over TCP/IP. A Samba DMS can 
>> integrate fully into an Active Directory domain, however, if NetBIOS 
>> over TCP/IP is disabled, it is necessary to manually create 
>> appropriate DNS entries for the Samba DMS because they will not be 
>> automatically generated either by Samba, or by the ADS environment.  
>> [0]
> So if I do not need to join this Debian VM to the domain, what is the 
> proper config and/or command structure?  I have toyed with "disable 
> netbios = yes" and "security = ads", but it still does now work well.
> When I run smbclient, I can pull up a connection just fine, browse 
> files, and even upload.
>> smbclient -L  \\\\fileserver.domain.forest.university.tld\\PubShare0 
> However, mounting it never, ever works.  It mentions NBT being 
> disabled when getting a share list, among all the shares listed.
>> Domain=[DOMAIN] OS=[Windows 5.0] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager]
>> Sharename       Type      Comment
>> ---------       ----      -------
>> IPC$            IPC       Remote IPC
>> ETC$            Disk      Remote Administration
>> C$              Disk      Remote Administration
>> Data$           Disk       	PubShare0       Disk       	PubShare1      
>>  Disk       	PubShare2       Disk       	PubShare3       Disk       
>> 	PubShare5       Disk       	PubShare5       Disk       Connection to 
>> fileserver.domain.forest.university.tld failed (Error 
>> NetBIOS over TCP disabled -- no workgroup available
> When I mount, I envitably get an IO error.
>> BACC-UTIL-VM:/home/me# whoami
>> root
>> BACC-UTIL-VM:/home/me# smbmount 
>> //fileserver.domain.forest.university.tld/PubShare0 
>> /mnt/fileserver/pubshare0/ --verbose -o 
>> domain=DOMAIN.FOREST.UNIVERSITY.TLD,user=my_ad_account
>> Password:   mount.cifs kernel mount options: 
>> unc=//fileserver.domain.forest.university.tld\share,ip=10.XXX.XX.XX,ver=1,domain=GEORGETOWN.MEI.GEORGETOWN.EDU,user=ajs67,pass=********mount 
>> error 5 = Input/output error
>> Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)
>> BACC-UTIL-VM:/home/me#
> Why is this?  Will it go away if and when I join the domain?  The IP 
> address is accurate and their are proper DNS entries.  None of the 
> variations I try work.  As someone clued me in on IRC, NBT is probably 
> the culprit here, so I want to better understand the underlying 
> principle, and then figure out the correct config for the future.  
> Sorry for the outrageously long email, but I love my Linux and hate my 
> Windows.  This will make my transition much, much easier.
> Best,
> _AJS
> [0]http://samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/NetworkBrowsing.html#id2580798

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