[Samba] Speed problem Ubuntu < WD TV Live

Sergio Ruiz sergioruizperez at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 09:01:58 MST 2011

Dear all,

I have experiencing some speed issues recently when moving files using
Samba between a linux box (Kubuntu 10.10) and a media player called WD
TV Live.

Both are wired to a 100 Mb network, together with a Windows 7 box. In
principle I believe is not a hardware issue. When I move files between
the WD TV Live and the Windows box I get speeds of around 8 MB/s.
Between Kubuntu and WDTV I get less than 1 MB/s.

I have tried booting from a live version of Kubuntu and still the same
speed issue. However, moving files from a Knoppix live speed is fine.
It seems a (K)Ubuntu problem.

By default Ubuntu ships with smbclient 3.4.7. I have also installed
samba4-clients, which replaced smbclient. I did purge all
configuration files before updating. I believe the samba version in
the WDTV is 3.5.4.

I haven't seen significant differences between kubuntu and knoppix at
kernel level.

Any orientation would be much appreciated... i'm starting to be desperate :-).


Sergio Ruiz
+41 76 759 9267 - Suisse

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