[Samba] Migrating (vampire) from NT4 to samba 3.5.7

Harry Jede walk2sun at arcor.de
Thu Mar 3 02:15:58 MST 2011

On 10:08:23 wrote Veiko Kukk:
> On 02/03/11 15:43, Veiko Kukk wrote:
> > Also, on NT4 there is group named "Domain Users", but that too does
> > not get imported to ldap database. It's empty on linux box, getent
> > group output gives:
> > ...
> > Domain Users:*:513:
> I investigated some more and found out that if I do "net rpc group
> MEMBERS "Domain Users"", group members get listed.
> EKRPTEST\kasutaja1
> EKRPTEST\kasutaja2
> EKRPTEST\kasutaja3
> EKRPTEST\kasutaja4
> Then why "getent group" does not list members of "Domain Users"?
dump the groups out of ldap :-)

ldapsearch -x -LLL '(|(objectclass=posixGroup)(objectclass=sambaGroupMapping))'

and you will see, that samba uses TWO DIFFERENT group definitions.

It's your choice, which you will use in the future.
Read "Samba by Example" to find your way to do it right.

> --
> Veiko


	Harry Jede

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