[Samba] Hide the "not allowed to open" shared directories inthe client

Allen Chen achen at harbourfrontcentre.com
Wed Mar 2 07:41:27 MST 2011

I'm looking for a function from samba side:
I want to hide files if the owner is not me, though I have read/write 
permissions on those files.
Can samba do this?

Because samba can hide unreadable files, so is there a way to hide files 
if the owner is not me?
it doesn't matter what kind of permissions are already setup on those 
files(I don't want to change it),
something like in the samba share config:
  hide owner != %U


Daniel Müller wrote:
> What are you doing? If you can reach share1 then you can see the files. You
> have the right to! Even if it is a group-share
> then the single user owner doesn' t matter!?
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>>> hide unreadable = yes
>>> on global config
>>> This parameter is really good for my usage, it hides directories and 
>>> files that user cannot access.
>>> -- 
>>> Eero,
>>> RHCE
>> It works like a charm.
>> Thank you.
> I found this post on the list, and it' not the solution for me.
> My questions is:
> Do we have a setting to hide files on samba share1 if the files' owner 
> is not me?
> and, still I can read&write those files through samba share2.
> Samba share1 and share2 point to the same /path/folder.
> Thanks,
> Allen

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