[Samba] Working simultaneously with the same user account

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 07:29:17 MST 2011

>  However, my experience has been that you can not connect to two different
> shares on one server, each with a different credentials.  At least this is
> the case when connecting from an XP Pro client.
> E.g.
> net use x: \\server1\share1 /user:jsmith
> (that will work)
> net use y: \\server1\share2 /user:rsmith
> (that will fail with a warning that you are already connected to the server
> with different credentials.)

This is the case with all windows NT versions that I know of. You can
not login to the same server with different credentials.

There are ways around this. I believe if you do the second mount by
ipaddress or use an alias in samba the client will allow the second
(or more with more aliases) set of credentials to connect to your
samba server.


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