[Samba] Where is the ctdb debuginfo rpm

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Tue Jun 28 09:08:10 MDT 2011


The creation of debuginfo packages is subject to the
setup of your rpm build system. By default no debuginfo
packages are built. But if you e.g. install the package
redhat-rpm-config on a rhel system, then debuginfo
packages will be built.

Basically you need to use the %debug_package macro.
Different distributions for triggering it.
But if you build your packages yourself you can
simply insert it into the spec file.
Maybe you can even add it to the rpmbuild command line.

Hope this helps.

Cheers - Michael

Yu Liao wrote:
> Hi, All
> I test with ctdb-1.2.0-18.1, and there is a corefile. I want to analyze the
> corefile, but can't find the ctdb debuginfo. Could you tell me where to find
> the ctdb debuginfo?
> -- 
> Best Regards.
> Yu Liao
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