[Samba] Different permissions displayed in "security" tab and"advanced" tab

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Sat Jun 25 09:47:50 MDT 2011

> As for diffs on Security and Advanced tab -- see MS.
> (It's a feature...they don't show the exact same info...but close)...

Atomic vs Molecular permissions
Quoting from http://blog.emagined.com/2009/12/08/windows-security-part-7/


(...) Although the exact permissions available depend on the particular 
version of Windows, these systems have two types of permissions, 
Molecular and Atomic. Molecular permissions, which are more high-level 
in nature, generally include ones such as the following:

- Full Control
- Modify
- Read-Execute
- Read
- Write
- Special Permissions (e.g., Take Ownership)

In contrast, Atomic (or Advanced) permissions are very granular in 
nature. They generally include the following types of access rights:

- Full Control
- Traverse Folder / Execute File
- List Folder / Read Data
- Read Attributes
- Read Extended Attributes
- Create Files/ Write Data
- Create Folders / Append Data
- Write Attributes
- Delete
- Read Permissions
- Change Permissions
- Take Ownership


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