[Samba] Building Samba 3.5.9 on Solaris 10

Richard Gillman R.Gillman at nerc.ac.uk
Tue Jun 21 06:19:39 MDT 2011

I wanted to build samba with CUPS and LDAP support, and put it into a 
location from where it can be automounted by other systems. There were a 
few gotchas I solved the hard way, to save anyone else's time, this is 
what I did.

C compiler I used is Sun's Studio.

Solaris sed behaves differently to Sunfreeware sed

tolka source3 $ echo libwbclient.so.0|/usr/local/bin/sed 

tolka source3 $ echo libwbclient.so.0|sed 
's/so\(.[0-9]\{1,\}\)\{0,1\}$/syms/' libwbclient.so.0
tolka source3 $
So install Sunfreeware sed and dependencies libgcc_s, libiconv, libintl.

Solaris make doesn't like Samba's generated Makefile, so install make 
from SunFreeware.

who3 source3 $ which make
who3 source3 $ make
make: Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 1397: Extra `:', `::', or 
`:=' on dependency line
who3 source3 $

Set up paths etcetera.

export LDFLAGS="-L/nerc/packages/samba/3.5.9/lib 
export LD_RUN_PATH="/nerc/packages/samba/3.5.9/lib"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/nerc/packages/samba/3.5.9/lib"
export CPPFLAGS="-I/nerc/packages/samba/3.5.9/include 
-I/nerc/packages/samba/3.5.9/lib/ldb/include -I/usr/include"
export CC=`which cc`
export LIBS=-lintl

build LDAP

./configure --prefix=/nerc/packages/samba/3.5.9 --disable-slapd 
--disable-slurpd --without-tls
make depend
as root, make install

build Samba

No need to autoconf.sh as we already have a configure script.

./configure --prefix=/nerc/packages/samba/3.5.9 --enable-cups
find .. -name Makefile -mtime -1
edit Makefile, change occurrences of sed to /usr/local/bin/sed

as root, /usr/local/bin/make install

Check the binaries can see all their libraries, and hadn't picked up any 
odd ones (they hadn't)

ldd /nerc/packages/samba/3.5.9/sbin/*
ldd /nerc/packages/samba/3.5.9/bin/*

This procedure worked on both sparc and x86 architectures.

cheers, Dick

Richard Gillman
IST UNIX Systems Group, Maclean Building, Wallingford OX10 8BB
Tel: 01491 - 692 339 (outside UK: +44 1491 692339)
Fax: 01491 - 692 424

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