[Samba] ubuntu, ocfs2 with cman and ctdb

charles charlesaburrell at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 15:18:02 MDT 2011

hi guys,

we're evaluating the available clustering options to get ctdb up and running
for a highly available file server.
we've set up both gluster and ocfs2 both on seperate 2 node setups.
ocfs2 seems to provide better throughput and iops to samba clients than does
gluster and that is comparing a single node server to a ctdb clustered 2
node server.
problem with ocfs2 is that i've been unable to configure it to utilize
cman's stack  to provide proper locking for ctdb. gfs2 is up next.

does anyone have any pointers/tutorials/document for getting ocfs2 set up
with cman on ubunutu?


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