[Samba] Sticky bit problem

David Aldrich David.Aldrich at EMEA.NEC.COM
Thu Jun 16 04:34:04 MDT 2011


We are building a Linux app under Centos 5.3, using gnu make 3.81 and gcc 4.12.  The working directory is on a remote machine and is either a Samba share or a Windows 7 share.  We find that in the case of a Windows 7 share the resulting executable has the sticky bit set in group:

On Windows 7 share:

-rwxrwSrwx 1 <snip> myapp

On Samba share:

-rwxrwx--x+ 1 <snip> myapp

The Sticky bit prevents another user in the group from executing the application.

Please will someone suggest how we can prevent the sticky bit from being set?

I found a reference on this list that may be relevant:


Is this a problem with the CIFS client?

Best regards


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