[Samba] Windows XP suddenly loses access to servers

Alex alex at ourwoods.org
Fri Jun 17 13:31:37 MDT 2011

Hi, All.

I hope everyone's enjoying the nice weather.

I am called the system admin here, but really I just fell into the job 
over the past 25 years.

Is there a way to search the archives?

My problem is that I've suddenly got 6 WinXP desktops that can access 
only 1 of my 5 smb servers, 4 of which run on Linux and 1 on SCO Unix.  
The 1 they can access runs Linux with Samba version 3.0.26a and is also 
my DHCP server and WINS server.  SCO Unix runs 2.2.5. Others are 
versions 3.4.0, 3.5.4,  and 3.0.28a.  All servers are setup with 
security = share.  I use file permissions to control access.  I have had 
SCO and 1 Linux running in virtual machines via vmware and virtualbox 
for about 9 months.  In general, I have been running Linux with Samba 
this way for 8 years and SCO with Samba for 10.

Everything was fine on Wednesday, 6/17 and on Thursday morning WinXP had 
no access.  It reports error 58.  I have 5 Linux desktops that report no 
problems and have access to all servers via smb.

No WinXP updates had been installed that I know of and none on Linux, 

My initial feeling was to blame my switch, but my laptop, running WinXP, 
can access all servers plugged into the same cat5 cable as any desktop.

This one's got me stumped and is stalling my operation.

Thanks for any help,

Alex P Janssen Jr
Charlottesville, Virginia

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