[Samba] net ads join losing it mind

Dale Harris rodmur at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 17:54:41 MDT 2011

I have a couple of Samba servers set up on two systems running Red Hat
(samba3x-3.5.4-0.70.el5_6.1).  I have samba authenticating against
Active Direct, which works fine, when I do "net ads join" it accepts
machine.  The problem is, around an hour or so later, the join is
dropped and users cannot log in and see the shares.  At this point, I
don't see anything interesting our logs. Any suggestions about how I
go about debugging this problem?  Does this sound like a Samba
problem, or is it an Active Directory problem?

Dale Harris
rodmur at maybe.org
rodmur at gmail.com

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