[Samba] pdbedit user problem

Stan Mortel mortel at cyber-nos.com
Sat Jun 11 21:24:28 MDT 2011

I am unable to get a user into the -512 primary group SID.  The user 
originally went into -513, though I don't know why.  Now I cannot get it 
moved.  I am able to add a different user to -512, so that part works.

1.  pdbedit -r -G <SID>-512 -u <username>  does not seem to change 
anything, at least not as reported by pdbedit -Lv.

2.  I did a complete uninstall of all the samba and ntfs packages, 
deleted /etc/samba, /var/log/samba, and /usr/bin/tdbbackup, then 

3.  net goupmap list was then empty.

4. After a net groupmap add rid=512 ntgroup="Domain Admins" 
unixgroup=<unix group>, net groupmap list showed only the -512 group.

5.  pdbedit getlocalsid returned the new SID

6.  Entered pdbedit -a -U <SID>-500 -G <SID>-512 -u <user>

7.  pdbedit -Lv shows the user in -513 still, even though I have not 
even recreated that group....

So, there is clearly a cache issue here, but I can't find the file that 
needs to get deleted.  If anyone has some suggestions, I'd be appreciative.

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