[Samba] Access problem: root Ok, but not home

Paul Leder sa212+mingw at cyconix.com
Tue Jun 7 06:27:53 MDT 2011

I've just done an out-of-the-box RHEL6 (SL6, actually) install, but 
can't get the Samba config quite right. system-config-samba has gone in 
RHEL6, which hasn't helped.

If I set up a root section:

  comment = SL6 /
  path = /
  writeable = yes
  valid users = paul

then I can access '/' from XP without problems. If I instead (or as 
well) set up a section for myself:

  comment = SL6 /home/paul
  path = /home/paul
  writeable = yes
  valid users = paul

Then I can't access the 'paul' share from XP, even though I can access 
the 'root' share. When using the root share, I  can see the contents of 
home, but I can't get into /home/paul.

I've tried this both with and without the standard [Homes] section; no 
difference. smbusers contains the (extra) line 'paul = paul'. My 
username and password are identical on XP and SL6, and my smb password 
is the same. This is a small local workgroup; no domain.

The samba logfile doesn't complain when I try to access the paul share:

[2011/06/07 12:56:56.865835,  1] smbd/service.c:1070(make_connection_snum)
   puffin (::ffff: connect to service paul initially as 
user paul (uid=500, gid=500)

but when I double-click on the share from Windows explorer, I get a 
pop-up saying "\\SL6\paul is not accessible, yada".

Any ideas?


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