[Samba] LARGE_SMB_OFF_T problem

JC Tsai chua.family at msa.hinet.net
Mon Jun 6 20:45:56 MDT 2011

Hi all,

I have been porting samba-3.0.36 version to one MIPS CPU environment. 
Firstly I encounterd the problem that the file greater than 4G size can't be 
size-shown correctly at Windows XP file manager, and when I tried to 
download/upload the large file (>4G) from samba server, it always failed. I 
investigated the source code and found LARGE_SMB_OFF_T option (in header 
file ./source/includes/includes.h) was undefined in my code, then I 
re-enable it, such as:

#  if (defined(HAVE_EXPLICIT_LARGEFILE_SUPPORT) && defined(HAVE_OFF64_T)) || 
(defined(SIZEOF_OFF_T) && (SIZEOF_OFF_T == 8))
#    define LARGE_SMB_OFF_T 1
#  endif


The test result is the large file (> 4G) can be size-shown correctly and the 
download transfer seems OK.

However, here I am suffering the new problem. When I disable LARGE_SMB_OFF_T 
option, both Windows XP and Windows 7 file managers can browse the samba 
server file directory trees well (my security setting is "SHARE" mode). 
After I enabled LARGE_SMB_OFF_T option, the Windows XP version still can 
browse the samba server well. Unfortunately, the Windows 7 failed to open 
the samba server. It can see the server netbios name icon, but when I 
clicked the icon to browse it, it expired and failed.

Does any one have the same experience and have fixed the problem? If you can 
share, your help will be appreciated.

Best Regards,

PS: I had used one expired email address to post this thread, however, I 
dodn't know if it can be accepted or rejected by news server since that mail 
address was expired. So I re-post this thread. Sorry for the confusion if 
this is duplicate. 

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