[Samba] Prob found: (Re: missing symbols talloc_* (opensuse 11.4/samba 3.5.7-xxx))

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Mon Jun 6 17:35:00 MDT 2011

Linda Walsh wrote:
>  upgraded to opensuse 11.4.
> basic smbd is running mostly fine (some name res-errors, login server 
> missing, (can't connect to Domain service).  Notably nmbd won't start due
> to undefined symbols:
> /usr/sbin/nmbd: symbol lookup error: /usr/sbin/nmbd: undefined symbol: 
> _talloc_realloc_array.
> ldd -r shows a bunch of similar undefined symbols (shown further below).

nmbd was linking with a 'mismatched' (and unowned) "libwbclient0 in
/lib64 -- the "real" libwclient0 from the suse package is installed
in /usr/lib64.

So this was basically a local system config screwup were I had out-of-date,
self-built libs in the wrong place that were given preference over the
official system built ones.  A configuration-build mistake put them
in /lib64 instead of the desired /usr/lib64....


live & learn.
thought I'd doc the resolution incase anyone else ran into something similar.

FWIW, I used ldd -r on nmbd to see what libs it was really loading.
I also noted that 'readelf' showed nmbd didn't need "talloc", which is
what led me to start looking at the libs that nmbd was pulling in....

C'est la vie

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