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John Maher john at chem.umass.edu
Thu Jun 2 08:36:09 MDT 2011

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I cannot find anything in the documentation or mailing list that
addresses this oddity.

I've installed Samba Version 3.4.7 on Ubuntu Server 10.04, and I'm
utterly confused by samba's behavior regarding permissions.

Users on the server have home directories in /home/chemgroup/username.
(chemgroup is actually a symlink to another volume mounted at
/labs/chemgroup.) Permissions on /lab/chemgroup are:

   drwxrwx---    username chemgroup       /labs/chemgroup

Permissions on /lab/group/username are:

   drwxr-x---    username chemgroup       /labs/chemgroup/username

Clearly, username has rights to write to /home/chemgroup/username, and
can do so just fine via ssh.

The Samba share is configured as follows:

      comment = Chemistry Group Share
      path = /home/chemgroup
      valid users = @chemgroup
      public = no
      browseable = no
      writeable = yes
      printable = no
      force group = chemgroup
      create mask = 0660
      directory mask = 0770

Note, username is a member of chemgroup.

username can connect to \\server\chemgroup and can create new files and
directories there.  And username can navigate to the username folder
within chemgroup.  BUT, here's where it gets weird . . . username can
create a new file within the chemgroup\username folder, but they cannot
even change the name of the file they just created.  And they can't
delete the file they just created (and couldn't rename).

This same behavior is even presented with Home directories, with the
homes section looking like this:

      comment = Home Directories
      browseable = no
      read only = no
      create mask = 0640
      directory mask = 0750
      valid users = %S

Thank you for any help or guidance.


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