[Samba] winbind issue with Windows 2008 R2 - domain trusts

Terry td3201 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 14:24:51 MDT 2011

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 3:21 PM, Terry <td3201 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem that just propped up after our windows admin did some
> work.  He introduced some new domain controllers and upgraded the
> domain to 2008 R2.  The primary domain that our linux boxes are in
> seems to work, it's trusted domains.  Here's an example domain:
> The boxes are in the FOO domain and I can getent passwd and see
> accounts in there fine.  I used to be able see accounts in BAR as well
> but now can't.
> I am using samba-3.0.33-3.29.el5_5.1 on RHEL5.2.
> Here's an error I see in the logs.  Not sure
> Jun  1 15:16:01 omadvdss01a winbindd[10772]: [2011/06/01 15:16:01, 0]
> rpc_client/cli_pipe.c:rpc_api_pipe(790)
> Jun  1 15:16:01 omadvdss01a winbindd[10772]:   rpc_api_pipe: Remote
> machine foodc03.foo.bar.local pipe \NETLOGON fnum 0x3returned critical
> That domain controller referenced in the logs is a new DC he added.
> All windows operations appear to be normal.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks!

Sorry for replying to my own post so early here.  I removed that
domain controller from my smb.conf and that appears to have fixed
things.  Anyone have an idea on what the issue could be?

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