[Samba] question about groups

Andrea Lanza andrea.lanza at frameweb.it
Fri Jul 29 05:03:00 MDT 2011

Hi all,
I have a (simple?) question about groups.

this is my scenario:

Windows Active directory domain

Samba file server ADS integrated

2 shares on this last server (share1, share2)

2 groups on the AD (group1 and group2)

First share is only fully available to group1: this is easily done

second share is fully available to group2

Then I have some users belonging to both group1 and group2; 
anyway group1 is the principal group.

when a user of this kind create a folder or a file on the share2, the file is created
as "userxxx" and "group1", so beiing unaccessible to user on the group2.
(permission:770, so if one user is in group2 cannot access this file belonging to group1)

I tried several combination of "inherit acl", "possible user" and so on, but no hope to make it works.

How can I achieve this result ?

And sorry if it was already answered elsewhere: I found a lot of discussion (also very old, 2003 and so on)
but no one helped me.

I am running samba :

3.5.xxx on opensuse 11.4

thanks in advance, 

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