[Samba] WinPopup to Windows 7?

Moray Henderson Moray.Henderson at ict-software.org
Wed Jul 27 08:54:31 MDT 2011

Is "smbclient -M" supposed to work to a Windows 7 machine?  Using
samba3-3.4.9-42.el5 I get:

  # echo "Hello world" | smbclient -NM PC167
  Connection to PC167 failed. Error NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME

The name resolves correctly, and the command works to an XP client with
Messenger service enabled.  

Win 7 has its own "MSG.EXE" program for that sort of thing, which apparently
no longer requires the Messenger service.  If the WinPopup protocol is no
longer supported, does Samba have another messaging command?

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